• We help employers determine the factors driving workers' compensation expense.

    Workers' Compensation costs can be impacted by many factors beyond an employer's safety record. Our platform looks at such additional factors as medical/wellness status (including mental health), culture, and return to work programs.


Identifying Drivers of Workers' Compensation Costs

Traditionally the drivers of workers’ compensation expense are defined as a company’s industry and safety record.  However, research has shown that in reality workers’ compensation costs are driven by a variety of factors, including:

  • culture
  • safety training
  • mental health
  • wellness status
  • employee engagement

Wellter’s analytics platform can determine the drivers of workers’ compensation costs by looking beyond the normal suspects.  By incorporating into our analysis other data, including medical, Rx and mental health claims, we can measure the impact of the so called “indirect drivers” of workers compensation.

Here are several practical examples of the types of questions we can answer:

  • What’s the impact of unhealthy workers (measured by high medical claims costs) on workplace accidents?
  • Are historically heavy users of prescription drugs more likely to stay out longer on workers’ compensation claims?
  • Do individuals with high levels of stress (measured by EAP claims) have more workplace accidents?

Once the true drivers of workers’ compensation costs can be identified, organizations can put in place corrective actions that address the underlying causes.