Self Insured Employers

Approximately 50% of Americans obtain employer sponsored healthcare. Unfortunately, most employers lack the tools and expertise to properly manage the services and costs associated with healthcare coverage.

Wellter’s vision is to empower employers with the data driven insights and recommendations so that they can manage healthcare similar to other corporate functions. After all, most companies are extremely diligent about managing the details of their marketing or facilities related expenses so why shouldn’t healthcare get the same treatment?

The answer is that healthcare operations and costs are hidden behind layers and layers of obfuscation. The actual prices paid to providers and drug manufactures are buried deep inside claims data. Meaningful comparisons are hard to create as every employer population has its own risk profile. And brokers, TPA’s, provider networks and wellness companies lack incentives to see their clients’ total spend reduced.

Wellter’s WellMonitor service provides employers with valuable insights and analyses into employee utilization and spending on healthcare, workers’ compensation, and disability. Armed with this information, employers can reduce spending without impacting health care quality in a number of ways:

  • negotiate less expensive coverage
  • optimize plan design
  • incentivize employees to utilize less expensive treatment
  • evaluate initiatives such as on site clinics, wellness and disease management programs, healthcare exchanges

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