• Claims and related data are standardized
    to enable easy analytics, reporting and benchmarking.


Data Standardization

Much of the data that can help organizations manage employee health and healthcare related costs lives in separate “silos.”  Some of the most common data include:

  • Medical Claims – Third Party Administrator
  • Rx – PBM
  • Leave Data – Human Resources
  • Workers Compensation – Workers Compensation Administrator
  • Disability – Insurer
  • Wellness – Wellness Vendor

Enabling analysis and reporting across these data sets requires standardization processes.  Wellter’s platform identifies and links individuals across the various data sets.  A unique identifier can be used to identify individuals or in certain cases, such as disease management, individuals can be fully identified.

By identifying individuals across data sets organizations can answer “how does medical status impact workers compensation costs” or “do wellness programs reduce medical claims?”