• We help organizations reduce health related expenses.

    Our big data analytics platform provides actionable insights into medical, Rx, workers' compensation, and disability expenses.


What We Do

As an independent third party, Wellter provides employers with unbiased analyses of medical, workers’ compensation, and disability costs. The flexibility of our HIPAA-compliant platform allows us to look across multiple variables – including provider costs, plan design, employee health status, and job history – to identify the explanatory factors.

Common Questions We Answer

  • What drives high employee health care costs?
  • Do wellness programs improve employee health?
  • Do mental health issues like stress and depression lead to increased workers’ compensation claims?
  • What are the predictive variables for high disability claims?

Of course data is useless unless it helps to realize desired outcomes. So Wellter doesn’t stop at data analysis.

Our consulting services provide specific recommendations that help employers reach the desired health and cost improvements.

Our Approach

Our view is that medical, workers’ compensation, and disability financial claims are fundamentally interrelated in that all three are driven by employee health events. Unfortunately, employers can rarely identify the root causes of these health events as the relevant claims data often live in separate silos under HR and Risk Management.

Wellter’s HIPAA-compliant solution is to break down these single silos of data. Our analytics platform ingests, cleanses, and standardizes data from disparate sources and identifies the drivers of poor health and high costs. Based on our analysis of these root causes, we implement predictive models that identify events, behaviors, and individuals that are likely to drive high cost claims.


Our Services

Health Audit

Health Audit

Wellter's Health Audit enables self-insured employers to reduce healthcare related expenses and improve employee health. Potential savings are identified through benchmarking of medical and Rx claims against risk-adjusted populations. Our analyses include actionable insights and recommendations.

Wellness Program Evaluation

Wellness Program Evaluation

We help employers understand the effectiveness of specific wellness initiatives, such as smoking cessation and weight loss, and the return on investment (ROI) of the overall wellness program.

Our methodology involves measuring the impact of wellness program participation on changes in healthcare related expenses, including medical, Rx, EAP, workers’ compensation, and disability. In addition to determining the bottom line impact, Wellter's analyses help measure indirect benefits of wellness programs such as increased productivity and presenteeism.

Workers' Compensation and Disability

Workers' Compensation and Disability

Analysis of workers' compensation and disability claims enables Wellter to identify the cost drivers for high claims. These drivers can include health status, company culture, and safety history. Predictive modeling provides early warning indicators for potentially high cost claims. These identifiers are then used to trigger interventions that can prevent claims from escalating.

Our Clients